Plies - Becky Lyrics

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I'm on this liquor oh so heavy fo we fuck can you neck me. A little head and I am ready I want yo mouth give me that Becky

Keep that pussy I want yo throat front that head fo you go.Wet yo mouth fo you blow, must get Becky fo I bo. You Mz.Becky? Let me know licky licky I love that bro. Head nigga thatz fosho umma lock yo jaws fo I go.

Like pussy love head will pay I got that bread, open yo mouth fo you open yo legs. Man down I am dead.

Suck no dick,can't get in my bed, heard me right thatz what I said. Drop that spit right on that head

squeeze that meat and hit that head. ( Chorus)

Tired of pussy I'm retired. Aint fucking her! got too many miles. will put poll rite in her mouth.

babbit pussy aint my style fly head make me smile. put this mayonaise on yo child. gotta be grown to

fuck with plies. the longer you suck the longer I wow.

Just got Becky I can't move I love Becky yes I do. I get Becky I am glued, give me Becky I'll do you.

you don't do Becky Bye Bye Boo. I love Becky like my jewls. You don't like Becky you a fool, oughta put

Becky on the news. Becky Becky she so cool, i dont't get Becky I can't sleep I need Becky Fo I beat.

Becky Becky marry me


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