Erik Santos - If I Just Believed Lyrics

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There was a time the rain reminded me of all my tears
Oh, but now I think of how the rain makes rainbows at peak
There was a time when I felt so lost and all alone
But now I see so clearly that my heart is fin'lly home

There you are, I know you anywhere
You're the star I wished on each night
The one that I knew would completely change my life
Oh, I knew someday you'd come to me if I just believed

I have this dream I kept inside of me my whole life long
A little voice that whispered to my heart to just hold on
I knew that I would someday learn to spread my wings and fly
Turn it back against the wind and let it lift me high

[Repeat CHORUS]


Time can find a way to shine love's light
And he never know what's waiting on the other side of midnight

[Repeat CHORUS]

Oh, I knew someday love would come to me if I just believed


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