Sliimy - Baby Lyrics

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You look concentrated watching Gossip Girl
And I'm certainly less important than your eBay auction
Maybe I'm wrong maybe ! talk too much
Let me try another way, so I say

You're like a little cupcake that everybody wants to eat
You're like Weetabix! With lots of sugar for me
I'm feeling stupid, and now

Baby Baby Baby Baby
Baby it's your Baby it's your turn

Maybe maybe maybe maybe
Maybe it's your Maybe it's your turn

What are you saying Slim I heard a cookie crumble
But that's not a cookie crumble that's a cupcake bastard
It's a metaphor to say "I loved you before!"
I just try and try again but you're a lazy cake

You're like a big dog shit that everybody just hates
In fact the big dog is so sweet nobody can scream
And now you know, but me?

What are thinking about me now
What do you think about me now
It's your turn now


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