Pleasure P - After The Club Close Lyrics

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-Verse 1
in this crowded place, we call the club, with you tonight
i can't even think straight for all the people up in my space tonight
if we were alone tonight in this club just you and i
wouldn't it be so nice...bring a little peace of mind

slow dance with me tonight after the club close
i wanna hold your body tight after the club close
we gone break the dj off to stay late after the club close
we gone get our freak on you and i after the club close

-Verse 2
now babysitter's waiting up for you at cha house tonight
and i know it's really getting late but that's alright
(baby girl ya know it took us a while)
it took us a while to get the dj to stay
(so why would we run away)
i want to get a little more then doing it with you tonight
just want it to be you and i

*Back To Chorus*

girl we gone be like....uh ah uh ah uh ah...just u and me gone be like (repeat)


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