Ludacris - Plenty Money Lyrics

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If you n-ggas want beef than it’s beef you’ll get
been waiting for you on the charts but I aint seen you yet
all that yapping that you doing been putting chicks into birds
you be rapping like you should swallow a couple d-cks with your words

I be rapping like ‘99 and I aint skipping a beat
I keep 2 glock 9’s that make you skip in the street
and all my fans is like “damn when will the haters stop”
since I was 9 been eating rappers like tator tots
I’ve been sick and even if I take my medicine
I’m probably chillin’ in some place that you ain’t never been
I keeps it hot, I’m on point like a cactus
the album drops in March its on Spring like a mattress
you f-ck with me, but I’m f-cking with you
I’ll stop playing with these n-ggas and show em what I can do

I can do the right thing and I aint talkin’ bout Boosie
rappin behind bars and I aint talkin’ bout boozy
I can give it to you raw and I aint talkin’ bout sushi
that n-gga Chris Rocks and I aint talkin bout pookie(?)
they all on my d-ck and I aint talkin’ bout groupies
so I’m in them Star Wars and I aint talkin’ bout Wookie
so now they wanna judge and I aint talkin’ bout Judy
thats why they stuck up and I aint talkin’ bout coochie

I got a hangover and I aint talkin bout the movie
so I’m on that Criptonite but I aint talkin bout Tookie
the best that ever did it yeah I do it the best
I’m like David Carradine, yeah I do it to death
I kill Bills like Uma, blow a stack in a day
made 80 thousand last week but whats happening today, ay
if you don’t like it you could suck on a penis or I
pull a gun out on you like I’m Gilbert arena’s or

wrap you in plastic like you straight from the cleaners
I’m like later turd nuggets because I am a genius
ha, keep it going I ain’t finished
sample Luda’s voice and I want my damn percentage
these n-ggas acting like they aint gotta pay nobody
I am the controller and I aint gotta play nobody,
get it, yeah!


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