Christian Bautista - Unsaid Lyrics

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Here I am on my own
Trying hard to let go
Wish I could say goodbye
To a love I tried hard to deny
No I can’t run from the past
I’m holding on to a dream that won’t last

Truly forever my love is just for you
But now you belong to someone new
Dreaming that someday, I’d share my life with you
I’m hoping, you feel the same way too

If only I cud turn back time
To the place where I first saw your sweet smile
Cause there in your eyes, I saw something true
And I just can’t erase, these memories of you

Repeat Chorus

Lala and Christian:
All my love… is just for you
Do you feel it too?
Truly forever! (truly forever…)
My baby…
Forever only for you! (Only for you…)

And now it’s too late (but now it’s too late)
Time did not wait (Time did not wait)
Baby it’s better left unsaid (it’s better left unsaid)

I wish that you
Somehow knew
That deep inside
I feel the same way too


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