Case - Lovely Lyrics

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So lovely , I seen you so many time before
I just gotta tell you...

Something on my mind I need to get through to you
Understand i'm so infatuated by you
You and me would be so hot I cannot explain
Your so beautiful I only wish I could know your name

You are
That's what I call you babe
Cause I don't know your name baby
Seen you A million times your always on my mind baby Lovely
Damn I wish we could chill but if we can't your still
To me lovely
Lovely is what your are to me

I've been watching you so long
I cannot believe your real
Only lately got the nerve up to let you know the deal
And to say it in a letter , better yet in this song
Your so beautiful baby won't you just put me on


Baby I wish that you could see
That i need loving like yours baby I
Wishing you could be the
Love that I go home to every night
Hoping you and me
Could just be one in the same baby
You are so beautiful I just can't believe it


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